Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly Update e.6

Back again and just a little late, here I am! This week's update will be like last week's in the sense that it's rather thin. Nintendo's non rumor news has come to a bit of a lull with the only new announcements being Pokemon news once a week. And about that...


Pokemon Sun and Moon is really going for it with the newest trailer, showing off the way more customizable trainers in action with makeup, more hair styles, and some pretty sweet shirts. Also, some pretty cool new Pokemon with some rather interesting abilities/moves. The trailer is here, do check it out:

Civilization 6 System Requirements

Not much to say here, here they are:

Once again a dry week, but another week closer to that NX announcement that may or may not happen in October... Until then, kcduckling out

Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekly Update e.5

Here again just a tad late because my laptop decided to automatically update and keep updating and the screen is still on the restart screen its been almost 24 hours send help I've tried hard shutdowns and I've tried beating it with some blunt objects I dunno guys. BUT without further ado, here is your weekly digest:

Battlefront's Death Star Expansion

comes out this week! And the kind folks working on the game even released a freakin awesome trailer, so FEAST YER EYES. Seriously, check this shit out: (sorry the video insert isn't working, so here's the link)

Pokemon gets freaky

Kinda. More ultra beasts were revealed this past week and they look pretty swanky. They are pictured below, UB-02 Absorption is exclusive to Pokemon Sun while UB-02 Beauty is exclusive to Pokemon Moon. Once again, fans have been quick to compare these beasts to people, saying UB-01 resembles Lillie, Absorption resembles Gladion, and Beauty resembles Lusamine. Oddly enough, all three of these characters all look like each other with blonde hair and green eyes. What exactly are Ultra Beasts? seems to be the biggest question for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Two things this week barely constitutes an update but hey, two shall suffice. More Sun and Moon news is coming from Pokemon tomorrow and one more Civ leader should be revealed this week, but until next Sunday this is kcduckling out.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekly Update e.4

Woohoo! A good week for Nintendo but iOS users are getting a little something too, let's check it out:

More Pokemon Sun/Moon

I went over this in between weekend updates because there was so much to cover, so if you wanna get the full deets, check it out right here. Otherwise, to shorten things up a bit, PEOPLE MIGHT BE POKEMON WHAT CONSPIRACY MOOODDDE

Super Mario headed to iPhone and iPad

The biggest surprise of the week was at Apple's keynote just this week when Shigeru Miyamoto himself took the stage and announced a Super Mario app was coming exclusively to the Apple App Store (Android will get it sometime in 2017). The gameplay involves simply tapping to jump, Mario automatically runs. Not much has been unveiled yet, but in a bit of semi-related news, Nintendo also said this week that Amiibo working with apps was possible! Think of that what you will.

Rocket League Rumble is LIVE

Rocket League's ridiculous success has been shared by millions worldwide and now there is even more to like about the hit indie title: a 3v3 game mode with Mario Kart-esque items to help lead your team to victory. I've already logged some impressive hours in Rumble with my friends and I've got to say, the mode is just as fun as it's hyped up to be. Of course, I still prefer a competitive game of doubles, but Rumble presents a lighthearted casual mode for everyone that can really get crazy.

That's all I rounded up for ya this week, until next time, kcduckling out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Even More Pokemon Sun and Moon Hype

Another week, another Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer that adds to the mystery of the game. Already revealed to the public were Sun and Moon's legendary Pokemon, regional variants of first generation Pokemon, the bad guys of the game: Team Skull, the tropical region, and Z-Moves, among other things. But now the Pokemon Company has just showcased a few more huge features for their upcoming titles.

First of all, new Pokemon. I'm going to speed through this part because these aren't the crazy new features that I'm talking about. But one of the new Pokemon is called "the synthetic Pokemon" and is a normal type named "Type: Null", colon and everything. This new Pokemon has set the Pokemon community ablaze with theories on what exactly this creature is, but if you want more info, the Pokemon website is an excellent resource. They've got several paragraphs for each and every new Pokemon announced so far.

Next is Pokemon Sun and Moon's day and night cycle. The first of some cool new mechanics for this upcoming game. Pokemon Sun and Moon are set 12 hours apart. Pokemon Moon owners will have their current time plus 12 hours as their time in-game. Additionally, the games will feature different Pokemon encountered in the wild, (the example given in the Japanese trailer was Pokemon Sun's Drifloon to Pokemon Moon's Misdreavus) different Totem Pokemon, (example given was Pokemon Sun's Gumshoos to Pokemon Moon's Alolan Raticate) and of course Pokemon Sun's Solgaleo to Pokemon Moon's Lunala.

After that was the grand reveal of Pokemon Sun and Moon's good guys: the Aether Foundation. The Aether Foundation is said to "care for Pokemon that have been hurt". The island found in the middle of the Alolan Region that had been previously theorized to be home to the Pokemon League, is actually home to the Aether Foundation. There they care for Pokemon while also conducting various research projects. The leader of the Aether Foundation is called Lusamine, and is describe as the foundation's "glamorous president". Alongside her are the AF's "branch chief" Faba and "assistant branch chief" Wicke. Working for the foundation are Aether Foundation grunts, which has led some to believe that the Aether Foundation is secretly an evil team operating under a disguise. But you can be the judge of that until the game comes out.

Next, we are introduced to another member of Team Skull: Gladion, the Team Skull Enforcer. He is shown battling with the new Pokemon, Type: Null, the brutally strong Pokemon. What's interesting is why he was not announced at the same time as all the other Team Skull members, but this probably means nothing.

What really excites me is this next part of the trailer, the return of Dexio and Sina from Pokemon X and Y to help you find the Zygarde Cells. In the trailer, they are depicted giving you the Zygarde Cube which then allow you to find and collect the Zygarde Cells on your journey. Collecting them will allow you to acquire Zygarde's different forms.

It's been called the return of Pokemon Snap: PokeFinder is a tool in your Rotom Pokedex that allows you to take pictures of Pokemon in the wild and inside cities in the Alola region. These can then be shared (on Miiverse maybe?) and receive likes and comments from other trainers.

Last is Pokemon Sun and Moon's biggest mystery and biggest announcement: Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beasts are non-Pokemon creatures that are apparently threatening the Alola region. The Aether Foundation is conducting research on these dangerous beasts, and there are rumors that more than one exist. What is most peculiar about the only announced beast: UB-01 is that it bares a remarkable resemblance to a previously announced human character, who is also surrounded in mystery.

To see this all for yourself, I've included both the American and Japanese trailers because the Japanese one shows more gameplay, which is important at the end when we get a better look of UB-01:

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekly Update e.3

Nintendo dropped a Nintendo Direct geared specifically towards its 3DS system earlier this week, so the content in this update will be heavily focused on that. That is all. Here-a-we-goooOOOOO

Battlefield One Open Beta

The only piece of non-Nintendo news this week is about the open beta for Battlefield One. In a previous update, I mentioned how great Battlefield One was looking based on its trailer. I can now confirm, after playing this game that it for sure lived up to its hype. As of now, it isn't mind blowingly awesome, but it is a nice game that I enjoyed my time with.

Legend of Zelda celebrates 30 years

The Legend of Zelda franchise is celebrating 30 years this year, and to commemorate the occasion, Nintendo is releasing a few new products:
  • 4 new Amiibo featuring Link and Zelda from various LOZ titles
  • 3 new books, one of which featuring that "art and artifacts of Legend of Zelda"
  • the Legend of Zelda orchestra is performing across the country
  • Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is being released on the Wii U

StreetPass for 3DS is receiving an update

The update will add "quickpass", a way of speeding up the process of StreetPass, while also adding five new games, one of which is being given to 3DS owners for free starting right now! Additionally, the number of people waiting at your gate increases from 10 to 100, although this feature is only for VIP StreetPass users, as I understand.

More Pokemon Sun and Moon News!

Rattatta is the next Pokemon to receive a new Alolan form, also certain Pokemon, including Raichu and Snorlax have their own Z-Moves. These moves look pretty friggin sweet, and you will not want to pass up on these. All 3DS owners who purchase Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon can actually receive a special Munchlax when the game comes out, with two new awesome moves.

A bunch of other stuff!

Go here to see it all! Because there is a BUNCH of awesome stuff in here, including a Yarn Poochy Amiibo and Pikmin on the 3DS! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Pokemon's VGC 2016 was boring as hell...

... and the blame can be placed solely on the Pokemon Company themselves for allowing this year's competitive rules to get out of hand.

EDIT (9.1.2016) - Thanks for the overwhelming response everybody! Some people were getting pretty worked up over parts of this little rant so I came back to clarify a few things.

  1. I get that incorporating new Pokemon into the format is good for the new Pokemon and their publicity but seriously, Mega Rayquaza and the Primals are so statistically superior to anything else that it's kind of ridiculous. Plus, the Primal abilities were outrageously powerful and that was kinds stupid too.
  2. HAHA I originally said Rayquaza's mega evolution didn't count towards your team's mega evolution. That's why you don't write articles while you're emotionally charged, that's just a blatant lie. I take it all back.
  3. I totally get that breeding is part luck, but my main point was that there are elements of breeding that effectively lower your chances of getting what you want. You hold an everstone to pass down abilities, you hold a destiny knot to pass down IVs. Soft resetting is luck every time. There is no way to control or reduce the IVs of that wild legendary Pokemon.
  4. DARK VOID. Has been legal for a while, became illegal for a year because of a glitch, is legal again. I have always been against Dark Void. It's a stupid move. You can read below to see why it's stupid. I don't care how long its been legal, its still a cheap move that should be rid of.
  5. For those of you who said or thought that I liked VGC 2015, I never said anything about it directly, but all my references were to 2014 so you could prolly safely assume I skipped it for a reason...

Allow me to take you back to a simpler time, just a few years ago in the ripe year of 2014. Pokemon was tame, yet exciting. Legendary Pokemon such as Xerneas and Yveltal were banned from the game. Simpler times, which led to more exciting and more dynamic battles. The Top 4 teams from 2014's World Championships each feature a unique, underused Pokemon (Pachirisu, Mow Rotom, Conkeldurr, and Machamp) which meant that each competitor had a secret weapon, someone special he could call on in a pinch. However, now that Pokemon has given up on creativity and uniqueness within their battles, Pokemon VGC has become a shitshow.

Just before the beginning of this most recent competitive season, Pokemon announced that formerly banned Pokemon like Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, Xerneas, and Yveltal, among others, were all going to be made legal. Why? We might never know, but immediately the consequences were visible. VGC changed from a competitive battle of wits to an onslaught of raw power. 

A mega-evolved Rayquaza possesses a whopping 780 total stat number, with Primal Groudon and Kyogre following closely behind with 770 total stats. This is outrageous why? Because the very highest stat for a nonlegendary Mega Evolved Pokemon is 700, and the highest stat for a normal, non mega Pokemon is 600 (with the one exception of Slaking's 670, but he has a shitty ability so touche). That is a difference of 70 FRIGGIN POINTS for a mega and 170 FRIGGIN POINTS for a non mega. For a quick comparison: that's like a Blastoise fighting a Salamence, which doesn't seem harmful, but the gap between a M-Rayquaza and the absolute highest normal Pokemon is like a SWELLOW, PELIPPER, OR LAIRON FIGHTING A GODDAMN SALAMENCE, how is that in any way fair? It isn't. But that isn't the end of VGC 2016's madness. You can carry up to two of the really powerful legendary Pokemon on your team. So, in order to be competitive, your team must have two legendary Pokemon, and a mega evolution Pokemon. That's half your team, folks, gone for the sake of competitiveness.

But why are legendary Pokemon so bad? Why shouldn't they be legal? Because of breeding. Any competitive player spends countless hours breeding his or her team to perfection. It's a painstaking process that I too have experienced. Only, legendary Pokemon cannot be bred (again with one exception: Manaphy) so in order to receive a legendary Pokemon with the IVs you want, you must master the art of the soft reset. For those of you who don't know what soft resetting is, I'm not explaining it, but Bulbapedia will. Now, instead of breeding selectively, a SKILL, you must soft reset and hope for good IVs. Again, the contrast that bothers me is that breeding is a skill and you can effectively increase the chances of breeding for good IVs, whereas soft resetting is a shot in the dark, a complete lack of skill and is nothing but luck.

Dark void likewise is infuriating because this too has become legal again. Dark Void is a legendary move. Only Darkrai can learn it. It is a Darkrai move, it is his move. His. However, because Smeargle is a cheeky little bastard, he can copy anyone's moves outside of battle and then completely have a bombshell move set because he's a stupid painter. Fun fact: Darkrai is banned in VGC so then why would his signature move be legal? Where is the sense in that? How is that an okay thing? Mind boggling, ain't it?

And because of all of these stupid rule changes, players have been forced to use Primal Pokemon, legendary Pokemon, and to a lesser extent that little turd Smeargle. Which has made VGC 2016 boring as hell. Get this, the Pokemon World Championships just ended, and the Pokemon website has posted the top 24 contenders and their teams for the event. GET THIS. In the top 24 teams of six Pokemon each, there were a total of 29 unique Pokemon. 24 people times six Pokemon per team results in 144 Pokemon competing. 29 OF THEM WERE UNIQUE. PEOPLE THERE WERE 29 UNIQUE POKEMON OUT OF 144 SLOTS. Let that sink in. There were, in the top 24:
  • 15 Groudon
  • 13 Xerneas
  • 11 Smeargle
  • 11 Bronzong
  • 10 Rayquaza
  • 9 Kyogre
With the addition of Z-Moves in Pokemon Sun and Moon, I am concerned for the future of Pokemon Video Game Competitions.

P.S. WTF Pokemon, fucking crack down on people downloading Pokemon into their game. No, it's fucking obvious that that person didn't naturally find a shiny Xerneas with perfect IVs, bullshit.

Weekly Update e.2

A tad late, but here nonetheless. Let's hop right in:

Civilization VI gets a limited "Anniversary Edition"

It's super limited but it's also dope as hell! If you're a fan of Civilization, by all means snatch it up, that is if there are any left. They only made 20,000. Comes with a coinset, some books, and of course, the game. Here's the full deets:

Halo 5: Guardians gets another free update; Forge

Firstly, Halo 5: Guardians Forge is coming to Windows 10, which is cool. But way cooler is the fact that Halo 5 is getting yet another free content release, featuring new maps, new armor customization, new weapon skins, and THE FREAKING HUNTER CANNONS. URL for the full details is here:, but wow Halo is still piling on the free shit, so keep it coming.

That's all for this week, hopefully, some more Mons will be announced next week, but until then, kcduckling out