Sunday, July 16, 2017


Hey everybody, kcduckling here back from one of those classic 'gone for along time without telling anybody' stints. I've been pretty busy in my personal life lately, moving cities, getting a new job, and playing a hell of a lot of video games.
Yesterday was the World Premiere for Splatoon 2's Splatfests, and this was my first time getting to play Splatoon 2 (back when they had the testfire, my Switch's internet wasn't working), and I was not let down. Available weapons were a Splattershot, Splat Charger, Roller, and the brand new Splat Dualies.
I was using the Splattershot and Roller for the majority of my three hours that I got to play, and it felt really good to jump back in to Splatoon. When I had played on the Wii U, I had always used the motion controls, but for the back half of playing this, I went ahead and switched off motion controls and just used my pro controller, and it worked really well!
The theme of the Splatfest was Ice Cream vs. Cake and Ice Cream kicked the shit out of Cake. Not even close. For my three hours that I played the game, I, a member of Team Ice Cream, only played against a Team Cake twice. Clearly the world is pretty decided on whether ice cream or cake is better.
The only other note that I have to make is that I really wish that the controls could be changes, even a few simple options. As someone who has played Breath of the Wild for over 150 hours on my Switch, it's pretty ingrained in me that jump is the 'x' button. There were countless times in Splatoon 2 when I would be in the middle of a crazy fight with someone, and I would try to jump out of the way only to pull up the map, blind myself, and then get splatted. This isn't a huge deal, as I'll probably learn to switch over eventually, but adding a simple control change option wouldn't hurt.
Splatoon 2 comes out this Friday, July 21st. It's a hell of a lot of fun and if you are a Switch owner, you should definitely pick this up.

Until next time, kcduckling out.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

PlayStation is being childish

During E3, two separate conferences showcased cross-platform gaming that would be available in the near future. These two games were Minecraft and Rocket League. Let's first think about the significance of these games.
Minecraft is one of the best games of all time. Period. I don't care that there are hundreds of thousands of Let's Players on YouTube that ruin the game for some, or that a very large hunk of the user base is 10 year old kids, Minecraft is one of the most influential, biggest, and most successful video games of all time. So when XBOX, Nintendo Switch, PC, Linux, and Mac users can all play together, why would Sony be left out?
Similarly, why would Sony stay out of Rocket League cross play? Rocket League is one of the hottest games of the past 5 years and has a humongous install base, so why limit who people can play with?
Because Sony is a real piece of shit, that's why. Their actual reason was some stupid shit like "we gotta protect our young Minecraft players from external inlfuences" yeah fucking right go eat shit, Nintendo is in on this and they are supposed to have more kids on their systems than anybody else, eh? So where's your excuse now?
In the future, gamers will hopefully all be able to play together in third party games because that would be really cool and fun and wouldn't hurt anybody nor would it hurt any one company's sales. PlayStation is unfortunately not on board yet because they are horrible people who would rather put themselves before their players.
Listen to the people, PlayStation. I got friends that play Rocket League on PS4 and I just really want to play with them. Please. Come to your senses, pull your head out of your friggin asshole, and join in on the fun with literally everybody else.

kcduckling out

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nintendo at E3

Here on the final day of Nintendo's E3 showing, let's take a look back at what just happened. Because there was some crazy shit going on during that Nintendo Spotlight. Here are my grades for all the announcements.

"I don't care" tier

Xenoblade Chronicles X 
Fire Emblem Warriors
Skyrim on Switch 

"That's mildly interesting" tier


"Hey, that's pretty good" tier

Rocket League on Switch
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass

Might have peed my pants a little bit tier

Pokemon RPG coming to Switch
Metroid Prime 4
Super Mario Odyssey

The Switch is really shaping up to have a strong finish to 2017, with ARMS tomorrow, Splatoon 2 in July, Mario + Rabbids in August, Pokken Tournament in September, and finally Super Mario Odyssey to close out the year in October. Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are also slated for a 2017 release. This is really exciting news for anybody who can afford all of those games. Me personally, will probably only end up getting Splatoon 2 and Odyssey. 
However, with this strong finish to 2017, it leads one to wonder what Nintendo has in store for Switch support in 2018. All that we know of for now is Kirby and Yoshi, and although those are both solid franchises, they are also both just platformers which is really deflating to see after the more open-world success of Breath of the Wild and now Super Mario Odyssey.
Best case scenario, we might see Metroid Prime 4 and the Pokemon RPG on Switch come out next year as well, but these are not guarantees as both of those games have just been announced with no sort of gameplay or even trailer available.
Overall, Nintendo had a strong E3 showing and it looks like its gonna be a hectic close to 2017 with all the games that Nintendo is rolling out. It's also great to see Nintendo working with Microsoft on Minecraft and Rocket League cross play (which is another post I'll have up later).
Make sure you keep up with Nintendo on YouTube and check out all of the gameplay they have for their various games, because seriously that gameplay for Odyssey is really impressive.

Until next time, kcduckling out.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pokemon News!

The other morning, I dragged my ass out of bed at nine in the morning because I wanted to watch the Pokemon-centered Nintendo Direct live. Was I disappointed? No. But many people were. Here's what went down.

Before this Direct was even announced, Pokemon fans everywhere were theorizing that Game Freak was working on a new Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch: Pokemon Stars. There was never any evidence to back this up nor was there any reason to believe that Game Freak would be so quick to support the new Switch console with a mainline Pokemon RPG.
However, people were still immensely let down when Game Freak revealed that their Pokemon game on Switch was actually a deluxe port of their fighter Pokken Tournament. This is a great fit for the Switch, as it adds yet another competitive game to Nintendo's summer lineup alongside Splatoon 2 and ARMS.
Tacked on at the end of the presentation was a little snippet of a new 3DS game in the works: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Very, very, very few details were given about this new game other than a few pictures of what Solgaleo and Lunala look like now, presumably under the influence of Necrozma.

No more details given. Hopefully we can see more of both of these games come Nintendo Treehouse at E3.
Oh yeah, Pokemon Gold and Silver are coming to Virtual Console on 3DS and are compatible with Pokemon Bank.
Until next time, kcduckling out.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo recently updated their Switch website to have a more recent page for the Nintendo Switch's online play format. Here's what we've learned:

  • Nintendo's new online format isn't coming until 2018
  • The price for the online play and connected smartphone app will be $20/year
  • The classic games collection, previously thought to be only playable for one month will actually be playable as long as the user maintains their Nintendo Online subscription
Great news, all around, except for the delay.
$20/year is chump change and is considerably less than either Sony or Microsoft.
The collection being for the lifetime of the subscription is huge news, as this was probably my biggest concern about the new approach.

Nintendo's still got a lot to figure out in the world of online gaming, but hopefully they can figure it out. Although all signs point to 'not anytime soon'

Until next time, kcduckling out.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mario + Rabbids

Usually, I don't look that much into rumors, but in this case, the rumor has so much backing it that it almost certainly has to be true.
A little while ago, someone said that Ubisoft was working with Nintendo on an RPG for the Switch that featured eight characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach, alongside four Rabbids dressed like the four aforementioned heroes. The game would be lighthearted and feature the crew wielding laser guns and other wacky weapons. Well now, this image has surfaced among a few others.

I mean, holy crap, right? This could be fun, right?
Hopefully E3 will showcase this game so we all have a better idea of what the gameplay will look and play like, but I'm pretty excited already. It's gonna be a good E3 this year.

Until next time, kcduckling out.